Structure by
the Japanese Association of
Zoos and Aquariums

Amami Spiny Rat ©Y.Takaki/Omiya Park Small Zoo

1. Organization of the Association

The Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums currently consists of 140 regular members (89 domestic zoos and 51 domestic aquariums) and 91 sustaining members.

2. Organization Chart


His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino

Executive body

Chairman, Vice Chairman, Executive Director, Executive Board Member

Board of Directors

Chairman and 17 other directors

  • Executive Committee
  • General Affairs Committee
  • Education and Promotion Committee
  • Safety Committee
  • Conservation Committee
  • Regional Committees
  • Regional Meetings
  • Public Relations Strategy Office
  • Public Relations Strategy Meeting
  • Secretariat (Executive Director, Secretary General, and 5 staff members)

Auditing body

 2 auditors 

Advisory bodies

 3 advisors 101 alumni

3. Organization

① Public Relations Strategy Office 

This is an organization that reports directly to the president in order to build the association’s philosophy, as well as to study and implement measures to realize it.

② Regional Meetings

A representative director is appointed in each block, and intra-block meetings, workshops, and study groups are held.

  • Kanto-Tohoku and Hokkaido blocks
  • Chubu Block
  • Kinki Block
  • Chugoku-Shikoku block
  • Kyushu-Okinawa block

③ Executive Committees

The Executive Committees is an organization with a chairperson, vice chairperson, and committee members in charge of planning and execution of specialized matters based on the business plan. Each committee has its own subcommittee.

  • Regional Committees
  • General Affairs Committee
  • Education and Promotion Committee
  • Safety Committee
  • Conservation Committee

④ Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee provides guidance and advice to JAZA members on compliance with the Code of Ethics and promotes awareness.

⑤ Secretariat

The secretariat is responsible for the preparation of the Animal Handlers Compliance Guidelines, Exhibition Animal Care and Storage Standards, disclosure materials, publications and applications, necessary administrative work for each department and committee, support for employees (regular members) and sustaining members, and other matters.

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